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What is RealEx DAO?

RealEx is the first real estate-backed cryptocurrency. The RealEx DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) aims to democratize real asset ownership and empower billions of people to participate in wealth creation through decentralized finance. 

To accomplish this, RealEx has released the world’s first steadycoin, which is a token backed by inflation-resistant assets (not fiat currency), offers the concept of yield to the owners, and provides a medium of exchange.  RealEx steadycoins (ticker REALEX) will be sold on decentralized crypto exchanges. 

RealEx DAO will use proceeds from steadycoin sales to acquire real estate and crypto assets and to support the continued development of its technology platform (the “RealEx Protocol”) on behalf of the community.

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How much do RealEx steadycoins cost?

The release price for RealEx steadycoins is planned to be $1.50 through our Fair Launch Auction in January 2022. Prior to the auction, RealEx tokens may be available at a discount to the initial offering price. After the RealEx steadycoins are trading on DEX the price may change based on market demand.  

What kind of investors are currently owners of RealEx steadycoins?

The current members of the RealEx DAO largely include professional investors, leaders in crypto technology, real estate, law, social impact, college students, and people who speculate in cryptocurrencies. Over time, we envision the RealEx DAO will expand to include people from all walks of life from all over the world.

How much have RealEx steadycoins gone up in value since you started?

The initial RealEx steadycoins were acquired by initial community members at an effective pre-sale price of $0.01 per token in April 2021. They are now pre-selling at an effective price of $0.50 per steadycoin with regular price increases happening through the public launch.

How much will the price of RealEx steadycoins go up after I buy them?

The RealEx DAO can not make any representations of future value of RealEx steadycoins or guarantee any form of return.

How do I buy and sell RealEx steadycoins?

You can buy steadycoins now if you are an accredited investor. The public launch of the RealEx steadycoin will be January 17th, 2022.  

How do I hold RealEx steadycoins in my wallet?

RealEx steadycoins are sent to your wallet like any other crypto or token. 

Can I buy RealEx steadycoins with ETH or other forms of crypto?

Yes. You can buy RealEx steadycoins with ETH. If you have other crypto, you can transfer it to ETH for the initial purchase.  

I don’t own any crypto, do I have to set up a wallet to own RealEx steadycoins?

Yes. You will need to have a wallet to store your RealEx steadycoins. If you do not have a wallet, we recommend using MetaMask as it’s easy, secure, and completely decentralized. You will set up your MetaMask wallet, load it up with the appropriate level of ETH and then use that to purchase your REALEX steadycoins.

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More Q's and A's

Can I download a whitepaper and investor deck?

Yes. Download the RealEx DAO Whitepaper here and the RealEx DAO Investor Deck here.

What exchanges is RealEx listed on?

RealEx steadycoins aims to be listed on a DEX in January including exchanges such as Uniswap, Sushiswap and others.

What is the expected yield for REALEX steadycoins?

The DAO has assembled a pool of assets that target an annual yield of 10% for steadycoin owners. Additionally, steadycoin owners can stake their tokens for an additional 10% per year. By “double-dipping”, it may be possible to achieve 20% APY. In addition, there is the potential for steadycoins to rise in value.

What existing tokens are most like RealEx DAO?

Since RealEx is the first steadycoin, there is nothing exactly like it. But DAO’s that have similar concepts based on digital assets include Ethereum, MakerDAO (DAI), Olympus DAO, UniSwap, AAVE, and aKlima.

Please note: None of these DAOs are based on real assets. It is the use of real assets that separates a steadycoin from a stablecoin or typical cryptocurrency.

What does it mean when you say the REALEX steadycoin provides a way for me to own real estate?

By owning a RealEx steadycoin, you are a member of the RealEx DAO community and own a pro rata share of the real estate in the Vaults and the Crypto liquidity pools operated by the DAO.

Can I choose which properties the RealEx DAO owns?

If you own RealEx steadycoins you are a RealEx DAO member which gives you the right to vote on which properties the community should buy at regular intervals. You can even bid to help develop the RealEx Protocol and provide value added services that enhance the underlying real estate. 

What kind of properties does the RealEx DAO own?

Initially the RealEx DAO is focused on acquiring apartment buildings, student housing, hotels/vacation rentals, and clean energy infrastructure. We buy properties in locations that our community believes have the most upside potential in the coming years. We plan to expand the types of properties we pursue and the markets we invest in as our community grows.

What kind of cryptocurrencies does the RealEx DAO own?

The DAO owns a basket of cryptocurrencies that includes BTC, ETH, SOL, MATIC and other coins. RealEx DAO members get to vote on the amount and make up of the holdings in the Crypto Vaults at regular intervals.

Why should I invest in RealEx DAO instead of a real estate investment trust (REIT)?

The choice is yours and there are several publicly traded REIT opportunities for investors. REITs are not crypto investments and do not hold crypto assets. RealEx inherently carries more risk than a traditional REIT because it is a cryptocurrency and by definition holds both property and technology investments. It’s a matter of investor preference. RealEx is designed for investors who prefer to invest in a crypto that is backed up by real estate assets, has limited volatility, and higher earnings potential than other traditional assets. Also RealEx DAO owns REIT assets as a way of gaining exposure to market segments that the community would like to pursue in a more diversified manner.

Do I have to go through KYC/AML to buy a RealEx token?

Those pre-buying RealEx steadycoins before the initial offering are required to go through anti-money laundering (AML), know your customer (KYC) checks to verify that funds being used to buy RealEx steadycoins are not from illegal activities. 

What happens if there’s a real estate market crash and the value of the properties goes down?

Markets go up and down, and real estate is not immune from these risks. Historically real estate tends to be less volatile than other forms of investments, and historically provides a hedge against inflation. But bad things happen. To hedge against a calamitous event, such as Covid shutting down travel in 2020, RealEx DAO’s investment guidelines require that we hold at least two years of operating capital reserves on our balance sheet to support the assets in the portfolio, meaning that we can continue to hold the property even if we lose all rental income, for two years. The DAO can also do things like refinance buildings, or issue more steadycoins, to help navigate downward cycles.

What is ESG and how does it relate to RealEx properties?

ESG is a term for environmental, social, and governance, and refers to processes, technologies, and systems that are installed in buildings to help them reduce their environmental footprint, provide the greatest benefit to their local and global community, operate in ways that are transparent to the community, and provide accountability for actions. All RealEx DAO properties go through extensive ESG screening prior to acquisition. In most cases, RealEx will add layers of ESG technology and processes to every building in our community’s portfolio. For example, we may buy a student housing complex and install solar panels, better windows, foot traffic monitors, water usage monitors, and revisit leasing processes to create a more inclusive approach to operating. Over time ESG upgrades to the building reduce its carbon footprint, water usage, and create the highest and best use of the property.

What background does the RealEx community have in real estate development?

RealEx DAO is not a development company, we are a community of people who believe that crypto has a greater impact when connected to real things. To ensure we have the best and the brightest on our team, we have recruited some of the leading ESG-focused property developers in the world to help our community evaluate, acquire, and upgrade properties. Each developer goes through an extensive screening process to be a partner with RealEx DAO. 

What governance is in place to make sure RealEx doesn’t make a bad real estate investment choice?

RealEx DAO uses the best practice to ensure our community only acquires properties that have been properly vetted and are likely to meet our financial return targets and ESG requirements. Potential acquisitions are screened by our real estate analyst team and go through an intensive scoring system. Most don’t make it past this point. Those that do, go through a thorough underwriting process, including evaluation by third-party experts. If the property and it’s development plan pass that step, it is presented to the RealEx DAO at which time the community votes to determine if it should buy or pass on the property. If the property is approved by the DAO, it is purchased and the local developer and operator will implement any value-added plans and conduct ongoing operations.

What kind of platform are REALEX steadycoins built on?

RealEx DAO steadycoins are built on Ethereum protocol. RealEx DAO also is building parallel token frameworks, to accelerate adoption of Layer 2 technologies. These include parallel development on Polygon. RealEx is “platform agnostic” meaning that if a better blockchain technology with greater liquidity comes along, we can plug and play on that platform.

How do I know that REALEX steadycoins are not going to be hacked and have all my funds stolen?

Because RealEx steadycoins are backed by real assets, we have to engineer far greater security protocols than a typical altcoin. Many of the initial owners of RealEx DAO steadycoins have gone through a KYC/AML process that allows the DAO to keep a register of the owners of every token all the time. If a token is tampered with, or someone attempts to hack a token, it will affect the ability to use the token as it will trigger a KYC/AML flag; requiring an automatic dispute resolution.

How does RealEx DAO plan to generate revenue and what kind of yield is generated for community members?

  • RealEx DAO acquires real estate properties and cryptocurrencies for the purpose of staking.
  • The RealEx DAO plans to acquire properties and portfolios of properties in real estate funds that have historically generated 8-10% returns net of all expenses and have grown in value at 5% per year. Currently 70% of the funds raised by the DAO are allocated to buying properties. Over time, this ratio may change.
  • RealEx DAO plans to set aside 20% of the fund raised to buy more crypto holdings which it uses for staking operations. The RealEx DAO has voted to reserve the right to swap unsold steadycoins from it’s treasury with other steadycoins for staking activities. Historically the crypto assets the DAO owns have generated 900% year over year increase in value and 15% yield from staking operations.
  • RealEx DAO plans to take up to 10% of proceeds in technologies which accelerate the development of blockchain adoption. Many of these technologies generate income through use fees and the value of the companies can increase dramatically. The target return rate on technology investments is 20%+ net of all expenses with expectations for asset appreciation to be in the 100%+ return range. Over time, this ratio may change.

Can I generate yield by staking my REALEX steadycoins?

Yes. You can stake your RealEx steadycoins to generate yield. RealEx DAO offers a staking program for steadycoin owners that currently provide 10% yield in exchange for a 12 month staking term.

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Is there a lock up period for REALEX steadycoins?

Yes, initial investors in the first investment rounds are requested to hold their REALEX steadycoins for one year. As a reward the RealEx DAO offers a 10% APY yield paid in REALEX steadycoins at the conclusion of the lock up period.

Why should I invest in RealEx versus something more established?

If you are concerned about risk and can not afford to potentially lose your entire investment in RealEx DAO, you should not invest in RealEx. RealEx DAO operates in a highly volatile marketplace with a new business model. While the thesis and data science behind the RealEx concept support significant upside potential for investors, this comes at a much higher risk profile than a traditional stock or REIT.

Why are you giving steadycoins to people with student debt?

The RealEx DAO plans to award steadycoins to the RealEx Foundation for the purpose of helping create social impact. The RealEx Foundation’s first effort is to award steadycoins to people with student debt. There are two reasons for this program. The first is to help people with student debt receive some help in getting on the road to financial independence. Our hope is that as the value of REALEX steadycoins increases, and people with student debt buy more REALEX at regular intervals, that they will build up enough value in their account to quickly pay off their student debt, or achieve other personal financial objectives.

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