Crypto Real Estate

The first real estate backed cryptocurrency

RealEx is a Steadycoin

Crypto backed by something real. Built for credibility, stability, and longevity.


The Upside of Crypto

The Safety of Real Estate

Backed by Real Estate

Real estate tends to grow in value over time and resist inflation. Everyone knows that it’s a great way to create wealth.

Generate Returns

The DAO’s properties generate rents, which are shared among the community. You can also stake your steadycoins to generate more yield.

Access Crypto Rewards

Returns from real estate operations PLUS yield awards from staking. Try that with a stablecoin!

How the RealEx Steadycoin Works

RealEx is a DAO

(Decentralized Autonomous Organization)

The RealEx DAO is a community of like-minded people who have largely been been shut out from real estate ownership and crypto investing.

It's time to change the game!

Our Goal

The DAO aims to democratize real asset ownership and empower billions of people to participate in wealth creation through decentralized finance.

We Believe

The DAO believes in the world-changing potential of crypto and DeFi and the benefit of a shared mission and shared ownership.

Join the Project

The DAO will scale through your contribution. We are looking for engineers, creative artists, analysts, accountants, community leaders, real estate developers, and students to join the RealEx DAO community.

Join the Discord

We believe in the world changing potential of crypto and DeFi. Price volatility is holding back crypto's credibility and overall adoption.

Our goal at RealEx is to make crypto investing less risky and more accessible to everyone

What our current investors are saying

"I have been following crypto for years. Frankly none of it makes much sense. RealEx DAO is the first crypto backed up by real estate. That makes sense and it's a big deal. RealEx is the gateway to connecting DeFi to the real world. Finally, a token with crypto-like upside combined with something real that supports its value."

- DAO Community Member

"At some point, people are going to ask, "Why is crypto worth anything?" I made a lot of money in Dogecoin. But it's a joke, literally. RealEx makes sense. Now I can take my earnings from silly crypto and put it someplace that has value. It's based on real estate. It's a no brainer!"

- DAO Community Member